Biggest Retirement Regrets (and how to avoid them!)

I recently had the chance to sit down with Erin Kennedy, to discuss the biggest retirement regrets that people have and how to avoid making those same mistakes. We covered some eye-opening statistics and advice based on a recent consumer report.

Major Retirement Regrets

According to the report from Consumer Affairs, 60% of seniors have regrets about how they did or didn’t prepare for retirement. The top regrets include:

– 63% wish they had planned their investments to provide automatic retirement income.

– 85% wish they had built their portfolios to deal with unexpected events like inflation and market volatility.

– Many regret not considering tax implications of their retirement savings vehicles.

– Some regret putting their savings in poorly performing assets or “set it and forget it” robo-advisor portfolios rather than working with a professional.

How to Avoid These Retirement Mistakes

Kyle shared great insights on how to avoid these common pitfalls:

– Build a retirement income plan to understand your needs and create guaranteed lifetime income where possible. Consider annuities as a tool.

– Invest appropriately based on your risk tolerance and retirement plan needs. Don’t make knee-jerk reactions to market swings.

– Plan for taxes – don’t let IRA/401k withdrawals push you into a higher bracket.

– Work with a professional advisor to actively manage your portfolio vs. passive robo-investing.

Kyle explains these concepts in easy-to-understand language in the video. He offers a free consultation for anyone interested in planning for a secure retirement. Reach out at the First Coast Financial Group website to schedule a chat.

I encourage you to watch the full video by clicking the link below – it provides excellent tips to set yourself up for retirement success and peace of mind!


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