Condo and HOA Reserves

Condo ReservesMaximize Your Association’s Reserve With a Fixed Interest Annuity

Guaranteed Interest Rate - Your Return is a fixed annual amount that is guaranteed for the life of the contract.

No Risk To Principle - You never need to worry about your principle being at risk. Your principle can not reduce in value as long as it remains in effect for the term of the contract.

Liquidity - We work with your association to ensure that your reserve funds are available when needed to address your expenses.

Earn Significantly Greater Returns Than Possible With CD’s

  1. Now your Association Can Achieve Much Greater Return Than Previously Possible
  2. Money Markets and CD’s Are No Longer The Only Alternative
  3. Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities Offer Guaranteed Interest Without Risking Principle
  4. Increased Returns Can Bolster Your Reserves To Address Unexpected Expenses Without Special Assessments
  5. Or… Reduce Your Annual Association Fees Either Way Your Association Wins!

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